Clients Facing Mediation T&C

    1. We take total mediation fee and charges upfront before booking date and venue for mediation.

    2. The mediation fee is non-refundable.

    3. If one or more parties do not arrive on day of mediation within 1 hour of start time of mediation, the mediation will be cancelled, and fee is non-refundable.

    4. If mediation needs rebooking, it will be like a new case from the start with new fee payable and new agreement to mediate.

    5. The mediation fee does not cover for any refreshment and each party and the mediator have to make their own arrangements and pay themselves for using onsite or nearby Café/Restaurant.

    6. At least one person from each party who is responsible and can take decisions should attend the mediation. Additional people from each side can attend subject to prior information, available space etc.

    7. Each party can bring with them a solicitor or a person for similar purpose, to attend the mediation.

    8. Max. three persons will be allowed including any legal (solicitor etc.) companion for mediation inside mediation venue.

    9. Any person attending should bring their photo ID with them without which they may not be allowed inside mediation venue and not allowed to attend the mediation.

    10. On arrival, you will be explained housekeeping rules and guide mediation process for rest of the day.

    11. The mediator will guide and lead the whole mediation sessions and will provide outcome “Mediation Document” to each party.

    12. Currently due to Covid-19 pandemic, we offer mediation via tele or video team conferencing facility, and will continue after pandemic subject to gov. guidelines, rules, and regulations.

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