Clients Facing Mediation

We want to make sure that working with Radanks Ltd is an easy and stress-free process for our clients. Going to the lawyers can be a daunting experience for some and we want people to feel comfortable when working with our mediators, legal professionals etc.
Our team believes in open communication and therefore we are offering a complete guide on how the process of working with Radanks works.

Key terms

You mean client who is seeking legal advice, mediation or help. Professional means Mediator, Lawyer, Advocate, Barrister, legal aid, Clerk, Law firm, Group of legal professionals etc
We and Us means Radanks International Legal Tourism (RILT), a subdivision of Radanks Limited, a UK based company registered in UK, Head Quarter London

    1. You contact us asking for mediation

    2. We take details, provide quote and mediator for you to agree.

    3. You and all parties agree and, pay fee and charges.

    4. When all parties involved agree for mediation, we arrange, book mediation and inform you.

    5. By asking for mediation and further paying the mediation fee, you agree to have seen, read and agreed to all information, mediation policy, and T&Cs on our website www.radanks.comand referred to you if any.

    6. We have kept mediation process simple and easily accessible by all. Please contact if any further clarification and information required

Dr Raj’s technics are remarkably successful