Mediation Brochure for Clients

What is Mediation

    1. Mediation is a process facilitated by a mediator where two parties resolve their disputes by mutual agreement outside court.

    2. Mediation is confidential, impartial, self-motivated, and outside court settlement, which can still be done while there is a court case pending and is on stay.

    3. Increasingly Court, Businesses, Families and Communities prefer and recommend mediation to resolve their disputes outside Courts.

    4. The mediator is impartial expert facilitating the mediation between the mediating parties and does not force one or the other outcome on any of the parties.

    5. The mediator is not your solicitor or legal representative and does not give you legal advice.

    6. Mediation saves time, money, and valuable resources which you can invest productively in other aspects of life like business, family, friends, recreation to mention but few.

What you do on day of Mediation

    7. On day of mediation, you will arrive in time for the mediation session to start right at booked time. You may prefer to come 10 – 15 minutes earlier.

    8. You and your accomplice will bring photo ID to be a part of mediation process.

    9. The mediator will arrive 15 minutes before start time

    10. There will be one separate room for each party and a room for mediator

    11. One main decision maker from each side must come, and can be accompanied by max two people, of which one can be their legal assist (solicitor etc.) as per their wish, but not mandatory from our point of view.

    12. The mediator will introduce, give you welcome pack and explains the process of mediation for rest of the day before starting mediation.

    13. Mediator will talk separately to each party alternating during the mediation session

    14. Mediator spends roughly equal time with both parties but may have to spend unequally if felt necessary for the process of mediation and outcome.

    15. Mediation is confidential and one-party talks will not be disclosed to another without explicit permission by the said party.

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