Mediation Brochure for Mediators

    1. In face to face mediations you will arrive 15 minutes before the start time of mediation

    2. You will greet, introduce, explain your house keeping rules to mediation parties, including break times, cool off times etc.

    3. You will explain whole mediation proceedings to parties, and how you plan to take up, proceed, and complete the mediation.

    4. If any extra time required for mediation, on first realization, you would immediately inform parties and contact Radanks informing reasons for need of extra time requirement, before taking up mediation any further.

    5. Radanks will book extra time of mediation after parties’ agreement via quick email and then mediation would proceed.

    6. You are the lead professional on mediation day and responsible to see that mediation goes well professionally, and satisfactorily.

    7. On completion of mediation you will formally inform all parties and provide them the mediation outcome document before end of mediation, signed by parties and you as mediator.

    8. You will inform Radanks and provide mediation outcome document copy for record.

    9. Currently due to Covid-19 pandemic, we offer mediation via tele or video team conferencing facility, and will continue after pandemic subject to gov. guidelines, rules, and regulations.

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