Mediators Facing Mediation T&C

    1. As Mediator you agree that you have no conflict of interest and if any,it is your responsibility to declare and inform immediately to Radanks, and not undertake any mediation in that case.

    2. We will offer case for mediation and once you agree to mediate, its your professional responsibility to attend and complete the mediation.

    3. We may send you detail T&C if any in your email when offering the case for mediation and if you agree to mediate the case means you have seen, read and agree with all our T&Cs.

    4. Mediator should quickly inform parties and Radanks, if any extra time required before taking up mediation further and above booked sessions.

    5. Mediator should tell Radanks the reason for extra time required so Radanks can inform parties to agree and book extra time, after which only to continue further mediation.

    6. On completion of mediation you will prepare and complete mediation outcome document, and provide to parties and Radanks, signed by parties and yourself.

    7. Only after mediation outcome document is prepared and provided to parties and Radanks, mediation is said completed and closed for further mediation.

    8. Upon completion and closing of mediation by you, Radanks would pay your agreed mediation fee and close case as completed from our end.

    9. If you fail to attend or cancel mediation, you will be liable for fee, costs and charges refunded to parties by Radanks.

    10. We recommend you have professional indemnity insurance and legal cover as per your professional needs. Radanks does not provide this cover to mediators on our panel.

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