Mediators Facing Mediation

A simple and efficient process for Mediators

    1. If you are mediator and interested in working with Radanks, please contact us.

    2. We will send you registration form to complete and return.

    3. We will include your name in our Radanks panel of expert mediators.

    4. We will offer you cases for mediation.

    5. If you accept and agree, we arrange and book mediation.

    6. You attend and mediate the case and we pay you.

    7. No strings attached and you work as independent professional Mediator.

    8. By asking to register on Radanks Mediators Panel and further completing Radanks registration process, you agree to have seen, read and agreed to all information, mediation policy, and T&Cs on our website, and,sent and referred to you.

    9. We have kept registration process simple and easily accessible by all. Please contact if any further clarification and information required.

Dr Raj’s technics are remarkably successful