Radanks Ltd. is a global legal consultancy firm operating from London, UK. We provide legal, financial, marketing and technical advisory services to Indians living abroad who are facing disputes in India. Our services can be used by non-resident Indians in Europe, North and South America or anywhere else. We do it by our innovative approach of Radanks Legal Tourism.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make life easier for Indians living abroad who face legal or social problems back home. Radanks Ltd. was started by a non-resident Indian. She understands the challenges that NRIs face, trying to balance their life abroad with connections and family problems in India.

We have a team of people qualified in Indian law and dispute resolution. We want to make a positive impact on their lives, giving them support or legal representation in India.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the number one choice for Individuals, families and communities of Indians living abroad who need emotional or legal support. We have a team of counsellors and mediators who can help resolve family disputes and settlement issues without needing to get the courts involved.

We also want to be the first choice for NRIs in need of support and motivation. Living abroad on your own can be a trying experience. Positive motivation and encouragement can make a huge difference in helping people adjust to a life abroad.

We hope to achieve this vision by providing expert advice to our clients and building long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships with them.

Why Choose Radanks Ltd.?

Radanks Ltd. consultants have over a decade of experience in helping Indians living abroad with legal matters and problems in India. We have a team of experienced counsellors and professionals who offer expert advice. We inform our clients about the best way to win their cases in India. We also advise them when it is easier to settle the matter out of court through mediation or alternate dispute resolution.

An experienced consulting partner with the understanding of NRI’s busy lifestyles and Indian legal system can offer the best advice and get your case resolved as quickly as possible.

Radanks assists individuals and families settle lawsuits in India through a personalised service. We help NRIs from all over the world resolve legal issues in India.

Our Social & Motivation Service

Settling into a new country is never an easy task. Millions of Indians have moved abroad in the last three decades and some of them find it difficult to adjust to life in a foreign country.

The lack of a community and social circle can affect people’s sense of belonging in a new place. This can adversely affect their motivation at work and productivity.

Radanks offers motivational speaking services and workshops to help Indians adjust in their new homes. We show them ways on how to be more productive citizens and improve their social networks.

We have seen young Indians take to drugs and crimes in order to cope with the pressure of living abroad. We offer them helpful alternatives on how to get their lives back on track and pursue useful careers that lead to a happier and more fulfilling life. Subscribe on Home page to know before others, about future Events, Specials, Motivational Speaking and our social work. Follow us on face book and twitter.

Our People

We are proud of our experienced legal and motivational speaking teams. Our people have been working with Indians from all over the world for almost ten years now and helped hundreds of clients. Our counsellors are passionate about their work and understand that we are trying to promote something noble and worth pursuing.

Dr. Raj, the CEO and founder of Radanks, is of Indian origin. She has international experience and was working for global firms before she started this company. She has a broad vision and wants to help non-resident Indians do well and succeed abroad.

Message from the CEO

As a motivational speaker, I believe, a ray of happiness can be found even in the stormiest weather. You must aim for the target and focus on the final Goal. Nothing can stop you once you start. Treasure even the small successes. I aim to help FIGHT DEPRESSION & RISE ABOVE FAILURE and ACHIEVE SUCCESS. The confidence and rigidness to achieve the dream must never fade from a person. Giving them that motivation is my goal. I help create a positive space that helps people deal with their work-related stress and increases their productivity.

Dr. Raj’s FIGHT against Domestic Abuse

1 in 5 people are known to suffer domestic abuse in silence and do not talk about it. There is always this hesitation to leave and walk away, it feels easier to wear it as a tag on their card of life and continue to struggle. My aim is to encourage people to share their pain and work though it to live in a healthier environment. Unseen domestic abuse is why it can be difficult to understand what is missing in a person’s life. Emotional abuse is the most serious type which is rarely ever discussed. My motivational and inspirational speech and concern will definitely change people’s lives and help them be successful.

CEO Previous Work

Dr. Raj has been motivating people around in different countries for more than 9 years. She is an expert on helping people deal with their emotional and work related stresses, by increasing their happiness and their resilience. Dr. Raj’s sessions are designed to address the physical, mental and emotional stress faced by people in different fields of work on a daily basis especially in Domestic silence Abuse. Dr Raj’s techniques are remarkably encouraging innovative and motivating. She ensures quality and efficiency by managing the mind and creating a positive attitude through smiles, positive attitude and other techniques. Her special style adds joy to people’s lives, both personal and professional and creates a complete change in the health and mindset of the people she works with.