Client facing

We want to make sure that working with Radanks Ltd is an easy and stress free process for our clients. Going to the lawyers can be a daunting experience for some and we want people to feel comfortable when working with our legal attorneys from India.

Our team believes in open communication and this is why we are offering a complete guide on how the process of working with Radanks works.

>>Key Terms

You means client who is seeking legal advice or help Professional means Lawyer, Advocate, Barrister, legal aid, Clerk, Law firm, Group of legal professionals etc

We and Us means Radanks International Legal Tourism (RILT), a subdivision of Radanks Limited, a UK based company registered in UK, Head Quarter London

>>The Radanks Process

  1. In the first stage, you will register with RILT for any legal case advice or help in India.
  2. You will submit a one-time registration fee to complete the registration and set up your account. This covers non-technical admin and registration process. The registration fee is only paid once and gives you unlimited access to our portal until case is closed.
  3. On registration completion you will be asked to send case details and relevant documents for any pending cases.
  4. For each case review RILT will try to match the best and most suitable legal expert in that field to get a quote.
  5. If you have already received a quote from someone else, then let us know at the time of your case submission. This will help us find you a better deal. We will try to keep the costs as low as possible and get the best expert in the field without compromising on quality.
  6. You will submit the “Initial case review fee” in advance to receive the quote. This fee will be based on complexity of the case and amount of work involved. You will be informed about the fee prior to submission of your case for review. This fee covers the cost of initial case review and the process of finding best expert available in the field to provide a quote.
  7. One of Radanks International Legal Tourism (RILT) experts will be assigned to your case. They will have an initial case review and consider the merits of your lawsuit.
  8. After the legal expert has reviewed your file, you will receive a quote for case handling by us. Once you agree with the terms, you will sign a contract of agreement with the professional. RILT helps and supports this process but the legal expert is not in our employment. The final decision is yours to accept and agree with the quote.
  9. Clients also signs tripartite contract of payment schedule to pay advance payments to RILT for its service charges and payments on behalf of professional.
  10. RILT will further provide consultancy services to you and improve communications between you and the professional. We will monitor and oversee the progress of the case. You will have much clearer communication with your lawyer through RILT.
  11. RILT charges management and service fee which is variable for each case but usually 12% of the quote.
  12. RILT accepts all advance payment from client. The RILT charge is deducted upfront on each payment before payments are forwarded to the legal expert.
  13. Legal professionals will undertake any work at any stage during case progression only on receipt of advance payments by RILT from client. The client must clear and pay all dues before next stage of work. This is called pre-stage clearance and assurance of funds. The payments will be made as per agreed payment schedule in the quote.
  14. On case conclusion you will receive outcome and feedback from the professional. You will be required to pay any remaining dues at this time.
  15. If you want bespoke handling and solution for your case, the terms and conditions will vary and will be bespoke for that case agreed at that time. This could be considered as fixed fee without recourse to percent service charges.


Radanks provides a range of services for the clients looking to find capable lawyers in India. Our service covers the following areas.

  • Client registration on our portal
  • Finding the best suited expert for your case
  • Providing quotes to clients for their case
  • Accepting advance payment and keeping the funds secure for next stage of work done by professionals
  • communication with clients at every stage of the case
  • Legal tourism arranged with professional
  • Looking after and overseeing the progress of the case


Since we offer a variety of services, the fees depends on the amount of time and resources spent. It depends on nature and complexity of case.

In some cases we offer free assessment and consultation for the first thirty minutes. After this time, charges are applied based on time consumed.

There may be a fixed fee offer depending on agreement with you.

Generally we charge our Legal service and case management fee as percentage in a given case. There is no hidden fee and all will be pre-agreed with you. This avoids confusion and allows transparency.

From clients in some types of cases, we don’t charge any fees upfront, allowing them to pay us from the settlement or compensation that they receive.

We also offer a bespoke case handling and management service depending on circumstances.

The fee will be pre-agreed in the beginning before taking up case any further.

Clients are clarified that the small service charges they pay us are for the work we do to find a suitable legal professional matching your legal case needs, financial suitability, and getting bespoke quotation just for you. We strive hard to match right case with right expert, so to deliver better case outcome. We feel pride in saying, there are no hidden charges, the service charges you pay are petty small and, the process is transparent.