Mediation Service UK-Wide and Internationally

Mission statement

Welcome to the official page that represents all the Internationally Accredited Mediators that work with Radanks. At Radanks Mediation we are able to accommodate your Mediation requirements with the utmost professionalism. Our Professional Mediators have been through rigorous training with some of the world’s leading institute’s. This means that their capability is based on their training which is widely recognised and accredited by many different organisations around the world. Mediation between any two or more parties requires a mediator that is completely neutral so that the dispute can be easily negotiated by helping each party find a reasonable and optimal solution. Which is why our Mediators have been carefully selected to ensure that they are able to handle many different situations that require their patience, trust and listening skills to move any discussion in a positive and constructive direction. They are also able to convey and elaborate on messages and topics that can aid with resolving the dispute while keeping things strictly confidential and totally at the discretion of each party.


Maximum successful Mediation, Maximum customer satisfaction, Maximum service to communities and legal systems

We have kept the process very simple

  • 1. You Contact us-
  • 2. Our expert Mediation team takes details, explains process
  • 3. Mediation parties agree for mediation, pay the fee and we book Mediation
  • 4. Mediation parties attend, mediated by Mediator, and we give Mediation certificate.


What is Mediation, explains below

  • In simple terms Mediation is a process whereby two or more than two parties resolve their dispute and conflicts by mutual agreement
  • Mediation is facilitated by Mediator who is impartial, facilitates and, helps parties resolve the issues amicably
  • Mediation is outside court process, low cost, effective and achievable spending less time and effort compared to lengthy court processes.
  • Mediation can be still be done while case is pending in Court.

We have Educated, Qualified and Experienced Mediators on our Radanks Mediators panel

We are Registered with Civil Mediation Council, UK

Dr Raj’s technics are remarkably successful