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Sometimes, you may feel like you have hit rock bottom which can leave you feeling stressed as if everything is over. Never Give Up! That is the motto that our Motivational speakers live by. You will find our helping hand lift your spirits no matter where the waters lie. We will strive to ensure that you overcome your hurdles and rebuild your confidence to climb that rock you were once shadowed by. This is because at Radanks we believe in success by remembering that all mountains can be climbed. Visit our dedicated page for more information.




Concerned, committed and confident.

Founder of RADANKS LTD UK. Motivational Speaker. I believe, a ray of happiness can be found even in the stormiest weather. You must aim for the target and focus on the final Goal. Nothing can stop you once you start. Treasure the even the small successes. I aim to help FIGHT DEPRESSION & RISE ABOVE FAILURE and ACHIEVE SUCCESS. The confidence and rigidness to achieve the dream must never fade from one and giving that motivation is my goal. I help create a positive space that then helps people deal with their work-related stress and therefore increasing their productivity. Dr. Raj’s Aim to help FIGHT against domestic abuse. 1 in 5 people are known to suffer domestic abuse in silence and not to talk about it. There is always this hesitation to leave and walk, it feels easier to wear it as a tag on their card of life and continue to struggle. My aim is to encourage them to share their pain and work though it to live in a healthier environment. Unseen domestic abuse is why it can be difficult to understand what is missing in one’s life. Emotional Abuse is the most serious type which is rarely ever in discussion. So, I think my motivation and inspirational speech and concern will definitely change one’s life to be successful. Expert on helping people deal with their emotional and work-related stresses, by increasing their happiness and their resilience. Dr. Raj has been motivating people around in different countries for more than 9 years. Dr. Raj sessions are designed to address the physical, mental and emotional stress faced by people in different fields of work on a daily basis specially in Domestic silence Abuse. Dr Raj’s technics are remarkably encouraging innovating motivating quality and efficiency by managing the mind and creating a positive attitude through smile, positive attitude and other techniques. Her special style adds happiness to both personal and professional lives, thus bringing an overall change in the attitude and well-being of the people she works with. Available for 1on1 sessions as well. Who am I? *I am a British Citizen and live here in London with my Family. ** Experience as a Speaker: For last ten year I have been motivating and inspiring people overcome all types of obstacle. Youth to overcome drugs and now they are pursuing their carrier and life successfully. Helped with a few family disputes. Encouraged and Empowered women to step out and make a mark for themselves in the world. I helped people to speak up against Domestic Abuse as well Domestic Violence. I motivated people to rise above their failure and achieve the success again in their business.


Time to time I have also helped people to overcome their depression.

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  • School and collages
  • Juliana Asthma
  • Palestinian Women
  • Politics and community (UK/India)
  • Social Organisations
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