CEO & FOUNDER Radanks Limited UK

Dr Renu Raj from London qualified in multiple professions. Founder and CEO of RADANKS UK international legal tourism. RADANKS was launched at the House of Commons in London.She came up with the revolutionary concept of legal tourism in India.RADANKS is the world’s first integrated Legal care and support platform.

Dr.Raj knows the mechanics of business, deal-making and negotiation. Commercial and property disputes have a severe effect on the business and the people involved, Dr Raj's work ethic is to identify the needs of the client at an early stage and to help bring the matter to a speedy and commercially sensible conclusion through the mediation.

She speaks plainly and prides herself on assiduous preparation of cases and appropriate management and chairmanship of disputes.

Fields Undertaken:
Business,Intellectual property, Property disputes, conveyancing, Commercial Dispute, metrimonial dispute, Inheritance Act, Probate, Trusts, Finance,Insolvency, Professional, medical negligence,Domestic abuse.

Dr Raj’s technics are remarkably successful