Mediation Courses

Mediation Courses

Radanks Ltd. UK understands the importance of mediation and has expanded its service sector. We now provide a mediation course like no other. The course is led by some fine, experienced Mediators who have years of experience in training and mediation alike. We are different from our course providers because we use a different approach to teaching and assessing the course all while being mindful of the standards of a professional mediation course. Our course lasts for 45 hours. The course is offered virtually and face to face. Our classes use a practical approach while combining all the theory of alternate dispute resolution helping the learning experience come to life. Each of our courses are customised to best support your training needs. You will learn all the necessary theoretical and practical skills needed for efficient alternate dispute resolution.

This course is recommended to but not limited to :

  • 1. Advocates
  • 2. Lawyers
  • 3. Workplace managers and team leaders
  • 4. Welfare and equality officers
  • 5. HR professionals
  • 6. Business executives
  • 7. Doctors
  • 8. Government and military leaders
  • 9. Trade union representatives
  • After the course you will be able to :

  • 1. Settle disputes effectively in days rather than months
  • 2. Develop and refine negotiation skills
  • 3. Manage the mediation process by facilitating advanced negotiation
  • 4. Be able to advise others on the features and uses of resolution techniques
  • 5. Transform the way you communicate
  • 6. Understand the role of a Mediator
  • 7. Join the Radanks Panel and conduct international mediations

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