Registration and Case review

Legal Matters in India

1 hr | £200

Initial meeting, discussion, consultancy for legal case matters process in India.

General Consultancy

Matters and Meetings

1 hr | £200

Meeting for General advice, Idea formulation & Execution, Process discussion and Consultancy services, any other Matters or General Meetings and discussion.

Motivational Speaking

Nothing Beyond You

1 hr | £200

This is initial booking amount. The total amount will depend on event type, venue and other factors. This will be agreed beforehand, invoiced and will be payable in full before the Event. Our Motivational Speaking is Global Service depending on availability and practicality. This gives positive power in life and generates positive energy within, which helps cope better in your life. You stand on your feet with 3 Cs of Concern, Commitment, Confidence and, "Nothing Beyond You".