Client facing T&Cs

  1. The case registration charges and the case review fee are non-refundable.
  2. If you don’t agree with a quote and do not want to instruct the professional you can let us know.
  3. You can ask us to provide another quote from another professional after paying another “case review fee” in advance which you will be prior informed.
  4. We recommend you narrow your choice and number of quotes to save money and time.
  5. We can help you with budgeting and try to meet your expectations in this regard as far possible.
  6. You can discuss and tell us if any budget range suites you, and we will try to find a professional in that range as far possible but no compromise in quality.
  7. We are a company who is not directly dealing with your case but will be facilitating you to get a best professional who has best possible relevant experience and expertise in that field.
  8. RILT is a Legal consultancy service provider facilitating case progression and communication between you and the legal professionals. RILT does not provide legal advice or advocacy directly in itself.
  9. RILT has a panel of professionals, Law firms carefully selected and registered with them, based on their profile and excellence in profession. They can find a professional on their panel or out of their panel depending on expertise and availability. They will usually choose three of them subject to availability and expertise. We will offer the services to you and let you decide who you would like to ask for a quote. Sometimes there is only one lawyer available and no choice is given.
  10. The case details will be shared with us, team of RILT, professionals and any other stakeholders involved in review and further handling of the case.
  11. Once your case is registered with us, you will not give that case instructions directly, privately or through other law firm, agencies, consultancy services etc., to any professional or Law firm in India who is on RILT panel currently or till 1 year after the date of cancellation of their registration with RILT. You may be liable to prosecution or compensate the loss of earnings to the company RILT.
  12. After registering the case with us you can still give case privately to any other professional or Law firm who is not on RILT panel currently or till 1 year after cancellation of their registration with RILT. The professional or Law firm on RILT panel currently or till 1 year after cancellation of their registration with RILT, should not have direct or indirect involvement in the case. You will check and ensure otherwise you may be liable to prosecution or compensate the loss of earnings to RILT.
  13. If you have a professional in mind who is not on RILT panel, but you want to instruct them through us, we can try negotiating on your behalf and work for you outside RILT panel to get you the best deal. This would be via RILT and subject to feasibility and agreed terms that time.
  14. In today’s world cybercrime and hacking is not uncommon. Even big companies and organisations are not full proof. We keep our systems safe with antivirus programmes but do not guarantee that it can’t be attacked by cybercriminals or hackers.
  15. We are a small company and try to keep our IT systems safe within our financial capability and as far possible technically but, bear no responsibility or give guarantee whatsoever that it’s full proof and not vulnerable to cybercrime and data leak.
  16. We recommend you send your case documents by post, courier as per your choice and we bear no responsibility for loss of any documents in transit. We recommend you keep copies with you and send originals hand deliver or by secure posts, courier. This is not a new system and is still followed by many without consequences, but this is your decision.
  17. Once we receive case notes, you will be notified.
  18. There may be requirement to post the documents to India. You will be informed, we will post it, and you will be invoiced separately by us including our service charges and VAT as applicable. These and likewise additional expenses you may have to pay as required from time to time and are not included in the quote.
  19. You may be invoiced for postage, other services to you and likewise miscellaneous and other expenses as needed time to time. You will be informed and invoiced by RILT.
  20. We will ask you and if agree, we will send your documents electronically. This will save time and money. Sometimes you may have to take this risk depending on urgency and time constraint.
  21. If you must travel to India in relation to your case, you will bear all expenses personally. We, RILT, Professional or any third party will not be liable to meet any expenses.
  22. The professional’s team will arrange to take you and bring back from hearings in court of justice when required. You will not be charged for this service and is one motto of Legal Tourism concept.
  23. We are not a company that is dealing your case directly at any level, but we provide services to match client with the professional via RILT and manage your case efficiently.
  24. We RILT will not have any control or influence on case out come as legal professional.
  25. If the case is complex and more work needs to be done other than included in the original quote, you will be informed and invoiced separately.
  26. We are a company that wants to see our clients getting legal advice, help and contact with the right professional at the right time.
  27. We are a company that tries to match right clients with right professionals for best possible outcome of the case.
  28. RILT does not provide legal help or advocacy directly by itself but is a service provider that facilitates getting you the right professional for the case.
  29. RILT charges nominal “case registration” and then “initial case review fee” just to cover initial basic costs. These charges are non refundable.
  30. RILT charges client case management and service charges 12 % (range 12-22) of quote depending on case complexity and demands of service, and would be as per agreement at the time of contract.
  31. There is no hidden fee and RILT charges12 % (range 12-22) service charge as per case agreement on any amount payable by you on quote or for any job, service done by us, RILT, professionals or third parties for you
  32. All amount is payable in advance at each stage of case progression through RILT. On completion of that stage of work, funds will be transferred from RILT to the professional.
  33. All amount is payable in advance at each stage of case progression through RILT. On completion of that stage of work, funds will be transferred from RILT to the professional.
  34. The professional will not be able to undertake any work at any stage till you have made advance payments for that stage to RILT and have also paid all dues to RILT and other parties involved till that stage. We call it pre-stage clearance and assurance of funds.
  35. You will be responsible for adverse outcome of the case or delays in case progression, conclusion due to any delays in payments by you. This may incur additional expenses for which you will be invoiced by RILT separately accordingly.
  36. RILT will charge 12 % (range 12-22) service charge as agreed on any invoice sent to you and on any amount payable by you including any additional work or service by us, or we do any service, job for you.
  37. Taxes / VAT will be applicable on all payments, as per the prevailing law.
  38. You will receive the invoice detailing all charges.
  39. Mostly you will be contacting directly with RILT for any case related enquiry or requirements.
  40. If you need any help please refer to ask me or contact us for further enquiries.