Frequently asked questions



Frequently Asked Questions

What Legal Services Do You Offer?

The experienced team of solicitors at Radanks has been providing counselling services in India for a range of legal matters. We provide services for commercial law, civil litigation, criminal law, mediation and international immigration to resident and non-resident Indians. Our specialists help Indians with matters of immigration & Visa, Family Law, Personal Injury Claims and Indian Business Law.

Which Locations Do You Operate In?

Our main office is in London which is the centre of commercial activity in the UK. Our office allows us to cover the whole of UK as well as international clients in Europe and the world.

We also have teams of lawyers in India who work on client cases in the country. 

You can visit our practice during office hours. Please book an appointment before visiting as it can save you time. You can also get legal support and guidance through our online service. 

Do You Offer Other Services

Apart from legal counselling, we also provide service of motivational speaking, client relationship management and domestic dispute resolution.

You can also book our service for motivational speaking at your office or social event. We are really confident about our ability to help motivate your employees, resolve workplace conflict and improve overall productivity.

What Is Your Fees?

Since we offer a variety of services, the fees depends on the amount of time and resources spent. It depends on nature and complexity of case.

In some cases we offer free assessment and consultation for the first thirty minutes. After this time, charges are applied based on time consumed. 

There may be a fixed fee offer depending on agreement with you.

Generally we charge our Legal service and case management fee as percentage in a given case. There is no hidden fee and all will be pre-agreed with you. This avoids confusion and allows transparency.

From clients in some types of cases, we don’t charge any fees upfront, allowing them to pay us from the settlement or compensation that they receive. 

We also offer a bespoke case handling and management service depending on   circumstances. 

The fee will be pre-agreed in the beginning before taking up case any further. 

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Please feel free to browse through our FAQ to find answers to the commonly asked questions to save some time. We also urge law firms and legal professionals to contact Radanks through the form to get involved with Radanks and work with us.

Please contact us for any further enquiries.


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