Millions of Indians are living and settled abroad. Many of them know very little about the Indian legal system or business practices. Many Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) struggle to find expert legal advice when facing lawsuits or legal complications in India. They need someone with perfect legal knowledge of Indian laws and a cultural understanding of NRI’s expectations and way of thinking.

This is where we come in. Radanks Ltd offers legal, mediation and motivational services for Indian businesses and individuals living abroad. Our talented professionals provide services in the following practice areas.

Legal Matters in India


We offer services in legal matters and expert advice from our attorneys and advocates. Radanks offers businesses advice in a variety of legal matters that include the following.

  • Property Dispute Resolution
  • Criminal Lawsuit Counselling
  • Civil Litigation
  • Indian Employment Law and Litigation
  • Immigration
  • Business Practices in India
  • Family Disputes and Inheritance Laws
  • Injury Claims in India
  • Civil Partnership and Children Law

International Mediation

Under many circumstances, pursuing a case in the Indian court system is not in the best interests of a client. Civil lawsuits can takes months, even years, before they get settled. It can be a better option to get the case settled through alternative dispute resolution (ADR) or mediation process.

Radanks offers a variety of ADR services aimed particularly at Indians living abroad who cannot spend time on long court proceedings. We offer legal counselling for both civil and criminal cases and also help clients make settlements with local government bodies.

The service also offers assistance to people dealing with family matters and domestic issues such as child custody, domestic abuse, alimony etc. Please get in touch with our service (>>link contact page) to find out how we can help.

Motivational Speaking

No matter how good your business environment is, there can still be reasons why employees lack motivation to give their full effort. Something could be going on in their private life affecting performance. It can be difficult for managers to influence this. A day or two of lacking motivation may not have a big impact on a person, but if it goes on for a long time, it can severely affect productivity.

This is why many businesses make an effort to find the perfect balance between keeping employees happy and keeping them engaged in work.

Hiring a motivational speaker to engage with your employees is a great idea. Unlike keynote speakers, motivational speakers do not discuss a specific business topic. Their aim is to motivate and inspire people and help them see the bright side of things.

Radanks offers motivational speaking services around the world. We aim to retrain employees and make them committed to the success of their organisation. Employees are shown new ways of thinking where they are reminded how business success leads to their own career growth and earning potential.

We believe that it is important to make employees feel valued and understood. Our motivational speakers can help develop this feeling. Businesses can also support positive energy by developing an environment in which people are supported and listened to. People also feel empowered when they are kept informed. This is an important part of keeping them motivated.

Engineering Design Consultation

Here, at Radanks, we are always trying to find innovative solutions to make life simpler for people. Our Engineering Services is built for that purpose and offers design and integration services in IT and business processing.

We have worked with a number of Indian SME businesses in India and abroad to help upgrade their operations to a better infrastructure. We offer services in networking, application and hardware upgrades through our network.

Our design innovation services are created with ease of application in mind. To find out more about our design services please get in touch with our design team (link to contact page).


London is a popular tourist destination for people from all over the world. It has a rich cultural heritage and history.

Thousands of Indians come to visit the UK every year.

Radanks offers travels, tours and lodging services for Indians that want to come into the country. We offer assistance with visa application submission and processing. Our service is used by individuals, students and businesses who want visa processing services for their employees. We offer an easy, reliable and affordable visa assistance service. Please get in touch (link to contact) with us to find out more.

For short term visitors to the UK, Radanks offers an Elite suite of Tourism Options. In popular Tourism Destinations, we own and operate Lodgings on demand in different parts of the country. Additionally, you can look at the available packages or request a bespoke experience [contact page link] to find options that suit you best.

Medical Tourism

UK isn’t just popular for leisure tours. The country has an excellent healthcare system with some of the best medical surgeons and practitioners in the world working here. Thousands of people from around the world come here for medical treatments and complex procedures for themselves and their loved ones.

We offer medical tourism services for individuals and business. We help our clients with booking, accommodation, and travel arrangements.