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Professional facing


Professional Facing

Radanks is focused on providing a robust and integrated network for legal professionals from India. We make it easier for Indian advocates and lawyers to offer their services to clients from abroad that are facing lawsuits in India. 

We take the hassle of advertising and marketing your services out of the law profession and help our associates get right down to business with NRI clients. You can find clients from abroad much more easily if you register with Radanks International Legal Tourism Services RILT.


>>Key Terms


You mean a professional e.g. Lawyer, advocate, Barrister, Legal   professional, legal clerk, Law firm, group of Legal Professionals etc.

Professional means Lawyer, Advocate,   Barrister, legal aid, Clerk, Law firm, Group of legal professionals etc

We and Us means   Radanks International Legal Tourism (RILT), a subdivision of Radanks Limited,   a UK based company registered in UK, Head Quarter London


>>The Radanks Process for   Legal Professionals


1. Professionals can register with RILT through   our online portal.

2. As a legal professional, you will be required   to provide professional details and documents as a preregistration process.   This will help them to create a profile and complete the registration   process.

3. The profile will be shared with potential   clients seeking legal advice and help in India.

4. We will offer professionals a choice of   client depending on case, complexity, client budget, need of expertise, and   likewise various other factors. 

5. If the client chooses you to provide a quote,   the concerned case briefing will be forwarded to the selected lawyer for consideration   depending on their availability and willingness to take over the case.

6. If the professional communicates availability   and willing to take over the case, the concerned case details will be   forwarded to them for full review and for providing a quote, valid till a   specified date.

7. The quote will be directed to the client for   review and agreement. The client will have the final decision to accept and   agree with the quote.

8. Once a quote has been agreed by a client, you   will sign an agreement with the client. RILT facilitates and offers support   in this happening.

9. The lawyer will also sign a tripartite   contract of payment schedule for client to pay advance payments to RILT,   including its service charges and payments on behalf of professional.

10. RILT will further provide consultancy   services to the lawyer, working between the professional and the client,   monitoring and overseeing the progress of the case. You will have clear   communication through RILT.

11. RILT charges management and service fee from   you, which is variable for each case but minimum 18% of quote.

12. RILT accepts all advance payment from client.   The RILT charge is deducted upfront on each payment before paying to the professional. Professional will not receive any payments   directly from client. 

13. Professionals will undertake any work at any   stage during case progression only on receipt of advance payments by RILT   from client. The client must clear and pay all dues before next stage of   work. This we call pre-stage clearance and assurance of funds. This would be   as per agreed payment schedule in the quote.

14. On case conclusion you will send outcome and   feedback. You will get all dues if any amount is remaining and paid by client.

15. If any client wants bespoke handling and   solution to case, the terms and conditions will vary and will be bespoke for   that case agreed that time.

16. RILT also provides mediation services. Please   contact if you want mediation in any case at any level. This could be considered as fixed fee without recourse to percent   service charges.




Radanks provides a range of services to legal professionals that work   with our Legal Tourism Company. Services include the following 

ü Registration with RILT

ü Access to Legal Resources in India

ü An active forum to help find clients

ü A network of legal professionals offering   services to NRIs

ü Payment collection facility that accepts   advance payment and keeps them secure for next stage of work done by professional

ü Faster and timely communication with client   at every stage of a case

ü The option to to use legal tourism on legal   professional’s website

ü Reviewing and overseeing the progress of a case



 Since we offer a variety of services, the fees depends on the amount of time and resources spent. It depends on nature and complexity of case.

In some cases we offer free assessment and consultation for the first thirty minutes. After this time, charges are applied based on time consumed. 

There may be a fixed fee offer depending on agreement with you.

Generally we charge our Legal service and case management fee as percentage in a given case. There is no hidden fee and all will be pre-agreed with you. This avoids confusion and allows transparency.

From clients in some types of cases, we don’t charge any fees upfront, allowing them to pay us from the settlement or compensation that they receive. 

We also offer a bespoke case handling and management service depending on   circumstances. 

The fee will be pre-agreed in the beginning before taking up case any further. 

Radanks will charge a minimum fee of 18% as service and management   charges.   

 The professionals are expected to quote same amount as they would have charged independently, and respect the work and professional ethics by not charging extra just because they have to pay services charges to us. We advertise, work on their behalf to bring new cases; manage communication-case progression and payments between them and clients. We strive hard to match right client with right expert. We feel pride in saying, there are no hidden charges, the service charges you pay are petty small and, the process is transparent. 

>>Ask Me


What Is   the Benefit of Joining Radanks as a Professional?

RAdanks Ltd. gets Indian clients from all over the world who are   looking for legal services and advice in India. Working with our service will   allow you to market your legal services to more clients from all over the   world.

How many   clients can I expect to get through Radanks?

Radanks is rapidly growing and the number of clients per lawyer is   expected to rise. The number of clients you get depends on your fees, quality   of service, client satisfaction and reputation. 

If you are active on the platform you should be able to bid on 2 – 3   clients each month. Whether the clients agree to hire you is another matter   and depends entirely on client’s perception about your service and offers   from competing lawyers.

How much   should I quote clients for services?

We leave that decision entirely up to the professionals. If you set   your rates too high, you may not attract enough clients to take you on.   However, if you set your rates too low, you could be underselling your   services and clients may also assume that your services are inferior.

Competitive fees with high quality service wins and that is what you   should aim for.

What is   reputation management?

We intend to implement a rating system that will allow clients to rate   the services of lawyers based on different factors. Legal professionals with   higher ratings will appear more attractive to customers so that is what you   should aim for as well

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Here we have tried to summarise explain how we collaborate with our associates and legal professionals. For further details see in Professional facing T&Cs or contact us.