Professional facing T&Cs

Professional facing T&Cs


>>Professional facing T&Cs


1. You will respond within time specified in   communication to you, depending on the client, case or otherwise   circumstances. 

2. If you are not available or unwilling to take   over the case, you will let us know.

3. If you do not respond within specified time,   it will be considered as your unwillingness or unavailability to take over   the case. The case may be passed on to another professional for   consideration.

4. You will review the case and provide a quote   before undertaking any further work on that case. You will reply within   specified time communicated to you.

5. Once you provide the quote, you will have   legal and ethical obligation to take over the case, if client agrees with quote   and wants to instruct you.

6. We may ask you to amend the quote ourselves   or on behalf of client subject to agreement.

7. If the client does not want to proceed, you   will be notified.

8. If the client does not respond for whatever   reason, no decision is taken, or you do not hear from us, quote will become   invalid after its validity period.

9. You will start working only on receipt of a   written agreement signed by the client. 

10. You will be part paid at each stage as the   case progresses till completion when you will receive remaining amount. This   may be pre-agreed once client accepts the quote.

11. All advance payments by Client will come to   RILT at each stage and you will receive stage payment only on completion and   performance of that stage.

12. RILT charges management and service fee 18 %   (range 18-30) from you on any amount payable to you by client or third party,   depending on case requirement and as per agreement in each case. This will be   deducted upfront before paying to professional.

13. Taxes / VAT will be applicable on all   payments, as per the prevailing law.

14. You will receive the invoice detailing all   charges.

15. There are no hidden charges.

16. If any client wants bespoke handling and   solution to case, the terms and conditions will vary and will be bespoke for   that case agreed that time.

17. Mostly you will be contacting directly to   RILT for any case related enquiry or requirements.

18. RILT is a consultancy and management services   who matches right client with right professional and helps in management of the   case.

19. RILT does not provide legal advice or   advocacy directly but facilitates the process between client and the legal   professionals.

20. You have legal, professional, ethical   responsibility and accountability to client and RILT.

21. You will have legal and professional   responsibility to keep all the case details confidential respecting client   privacy and confidentiality. You may be liable to court action, prosecution   or otherwise as per the prevailing law, rules and regulation enforcement that   time.

22. You will speak to media only after explicit   permission from RILT, Radanks Limited or the Client. You and your associate   working team would be responsible to maintain professional confidentiality   which is of paramount importance. This is a legal and professional obligation   on you and your working team.

23. Your registration with us is within rights of   RILT. Radanks International Legal Tourism UK (RILT) reserves the right to   cancel your registration at any time without prior notice and explanation to   you. 

24. You will give written notice of 1 month to us   to cancel your registration with RILT.

25. Any case on Data base of Radanks Limited, UK   or Radanks International Legal Tourism (RILT) can’t be taken by you or your   associate for work directly or indirectly till you are registered with us and   till 1 year after cancellation of registration with us. You may be liable to   prosecution or compensate for the loss of earnings to RILT and Radanks   Limited UK.

26. Any breach of confidentiality, poor   professionalism, unprofessional behaviour or any other act perceived by RILT   or Radanks Limited UK as unprofessional, causing damage to the image of   Client, RILT, Radanks Limited UK may be of concern and you may be reported to   professional body like Bar Council of India and likewise.

27. In case of Disputes and complaint by client   or otherwise, you will co-operate in early resolution, mediation or whatever   seems appropriate and agreed that time. You will provide full co-operation as   needed to avoid conflict and resolve the matter amicably.

28. Terms and conditions may change any time   without prior notice to you and would be applicable with immediate effect.   This would not affect already contracted cases unless otherwise agreed. 

29. Please refer to Ask me or contact us for   further enquiries.

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