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This page outlines the Terms & Conditions which form the basis of the relationship between Radanks Ltd (“we”, “our”) and you (“visitor”, “customer”, “professional”). 

You are requested to read all the terms and conditions carefully, to have a better understanding of our work. Your registration with services of GPS Map Updates will be executed solely after you agree to all the terms and conditions.


>>Key Terms


· Legal   Tourism© is a process defined by and formulated by Radanks™.

· Mediation   Services for Legal Tourism are mediation services provided by Radanks™ for   Clients of Legal Tourism.

· Legal   services for Legal Tourism are services provided by Radanks™ and its Partners   for Legal Tourism to Clients of Legal Tourism as in the definition of Legal   Tourism©.

· Consultancy   for Legal Tourism is a method by which our Clients can get a better   understanding about the Legal Services we offer. Legal counseling is provided   by our partners in India for Legal Tourism.

· Partners   for Legal Tourism are defined by any and all associates that wish to be able   to provide Legal Services and Mediation Services for Legal Tourism. They are   defined in association and in compliance with the terms set forth by Radanks™.

· Associate   is defined as any individual, company or organisation that is in association   with Radanks™ who wish to provide services to Radanks™ or any of our clients   for legal tourism in India.

· Clients   of legal tourism are any individuals, companies or organisations that will   require the use of the legal tourism services as outlined in the definition.


>> Roles in   the Business


The roles within the business that are   highlighted below are a scope of services and facilities. It is not compulsory   for each of the person(s) mentioned below to provide all the services listed.   

As an example, a certain Partner of Legal   Tourism can singularly only provide Legal Services for Legal tourism.   However, this same partner is not obliged to provide the Clients of Legal   Tourism with any other services listed below under Partners for Legal   Tourism.


· Provides   Clients looking for Legal Services with options of Legal Tourism.

· Provides   Clients of Legal Tourism with Consultancy for selecting the best options on Legal   Tourism.

· Provides   Mediation Services for Legal Tourism.

· Connects   Partners who provide Legal Tourism options with clients who are in need of   Legal Services as defined earlier.

Partners for Legal Tourism

· May   provide Clients of Legal Tourism with Legal Services.

· May   provide Clients of Legal Tourism with Travel Facilities.

· May   provide Clients of Legal Tourism with Lodging Facilities.

· May   provide Clients of Legal Tourism with Legal Representation in India.


>> Information Given on the Website


As legal professionals, we are ethically and   legally bound to provide our clients with complete information about the   legal process and how our services work. Radanks and our partners ensure that   clients are well informed and all disclosure requirements are met.

We aim to fulfil the following disclosure   requirements.


· Provides   all information of what exactly Legal Tourism© is.

· Provides   detailed information of how the process works.

· Provides   the consumer with the ability to define a case.

· Provides   a list of different partners for Legal Tourism that offer the Legal Services   that our clients are looking to hire.

Partners for Legal Tourism

· Provide   brief definition of what Legal tourism is.

· Provide   detailed information of how the partnership was formed.

· Provide   detailed information of how the partnership works.

· Provide   a seal of authentication for the group of companies in the association.


>> Website Use


The use of this website and the services   offered by Radanks Pvt Ltd. are subject to the terms and conditions outlined   on this page, on the privacy policy page and provided elsewhere on the   website and Radanks material.

The information provided here and covered on   the website is accurate and complies with the UK law, to the best of our   knowledge. If any information is considered inaccurate, it is likely to have   been posted by mistake. Please get in touch with our service and we will have   the inaccurate information corrected or removed from the website.

Any information of legal nature that is   provided anywhere on the website is being provided solely for informational   purposes. It is not intended to constitute legal advice and Radanks Private   Ltd. cannot be held responsible for any damages incurred by visitors for   following the information posted on the website.

In order to use the website and Radanks   services, you must be over the legal age and fulfil the criteria set in the   UK, India and other country of your residence.


>>Refund Policy

Our products or services purchased at Radanks Ltd. are non-refundable. We have placed clear information about the services are non-refundable, and users are responsible for reading and understanding our products and services. The company will not be held responsible for clients’ failure to read the instructions provided on the website.

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