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Legal tourism-Innovative approach

Legal Services


We can help you manage any legal matter in India. We are at arm's length,  approach us with for any Legal matters like 

  • Property matters
  • Civil Litigation
  • Legal services
  • Intellectual property laws  
  • Corporate legal matters
  • Family and Child law
  • Inheritance matters
  • Criminal justice

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Radanks legal tourism


Our call, we strive to meet your client's expectations. You sleep, we work. If you need help with any kind of legal support, look nowhere else. Get in touch and see  how we can help in

  • Case management 
  • Supreme court, High court cases
  • Lower courts matters
  • Dispute resolution
  • Mediation, Arbitration
  • Motivation speaking

What is Radanks Legal Tourism

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Legal arm


We have strong team of highly experienced and motivated Law professionals, solicitors, Lawyers with  commitment and, determination to legal case management successful. We have team at every level from lower courts to highest Supreme court, Towns to Big cities and, North-west-south-east of India, wherever you need.  We take our very own innovative approach of legal tourism to handle your legal matters.


Portfolio-ever expanding

Legal matters

We can help in any legal matter in India

  • Property matters in India
  • child and family matters
  • Legal services other types
  • Intellectual property laws  
  • Corporate matters
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Arbitration
  • We can help, if you need help

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Mediation is another legally acceptable way of resolving many issues without recourse to long path of court cases. We have expertise, excellence and Internationally recognised accreditation. Ask us about how we can help with:

  • Mediation at small or on a bigger level issue
  • Dispute over other issues
  • Corporate mediation
  • Intellectual property issues
  • Any other issues 


We are an exclusive mediator with Clerksroom Mediation and our clerks can be contacted on 01823 704 099 or for any mediation enquiry.

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Motivational speakers

We have excellent team of motivational speakers. Dr Raj herself is a well recognised motivational speaker and been providing help and support to many through this platform. This makes difference  in life of those attending and leaves a positive impact and outcome in their lives. She is being approached from all sorts of organisations and individuals from different walk of life.

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Testimonials-If we did well tell others.

Legal matters

 When  I contact Radanks legal Tourism for Inherited property dispute with family. The Radanks team is very helpful, friendly. They spend time in understanding the real issue to provide right ways to resolve out of many



It was not easy and we were not moving forward in any direction. Then we came to know about Radanks Mediation team and Dr Renu Raj.

This is wonderful service and way to resolve our differences outside court and reach a solution. This is completely 


Motivation Speaker

You are struggling in your life with some specific or general issue. Life is difficult and find it hard to cope. You close or open eyes, sleep or awake, you have no clue how to resolve it. There comes Radanks Motivational speaking. You learn a different side of the coin. Life becomes all positive and meaningful.


News & Views.........?


Triple Talaq

Triple Talaq is major issue for Muslims in India. See what is latest in it

  • Is govt bringing a bill in Parliament
  • What Muslim females say
  • What others say
  • What you think 



Property and inheritance

There may be different property and inheritance law in India.

  • Is it different for male-female
  • Is this different for Hindu females
  • What is latest in property inheritance in India
  • How does it affect you




Since new elected Government came, there is talk about Make in India, promoting business in India and so on.

  • Do you have investment In India.
  • Do you own business or have associates in India.
  • What is GST in business sector
  • What is  new in Tourism or Medical Tourism in India


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